erman Yap (aka heage) started his career as a graphic designer in 1998. His keen interest in illustrations did not stopped at work, many of his works have
won awards and have been featured in newspapers, publications and magazines. To date, several of his illustrations have been featured in five illustration books, “Madonna in Art”, “Imagemakers: Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustrations”, "Big Book of Fashion Illustration", "Fashion Design by Computer" (that was released only in Spain in January 2008) and "Exotique 4" featuring the most beautiful CG characters, in November 2008.

Much of his works elaborate on memories of people and places he has seen, Herman injects a large amount of the fantasy into his stylized illustration. His imagination is not restrainted by everyday, rather he creates flights of fancy that vividly project his personal belief that "design depicts individuality". His fantastical digital illustrations are a combination of photo-montaging and vector lines, as if they were taken from a dream.

The images are rendered with a beautician’s attention to lovely make-ups and facial details. In particular the ever-sparkling eyes are singled out for special treatment. The decorative framing of the figures is reminiscent of the hand-painted photographic pieces of Pierre et Gilles, which carry a similar narrative element.

Master in Design (UNSW)
Graphic Design | Art Direction | Illustration
Branding | Photography | Web
:: "Most Popular Design" for iPod Nano Skin Design Competition at Digital Design 2006
:: Inaugural postage stamp design for the National Kidney Foundation (Singapore) 2004
:: Finalist for Comgraph Digital Art 2001/02
:: Voted Top 10 "Coolest Website" by Sunday Times for
:: Exotique 4 (November 2008)
:: Fashion Design by Computer (January 2008)
:: Big Book of Fashion Illustration (July 2007)
:: Imagemakers: Cutting-edge Fashion Illustration (July 2004)
:: Madonna In Art (May 2004)
:: Sex and the City (Chinese Novel)
:: Women and the City (Chinese Novel)
:: "Design As A Cultural Artefact" group exhibition at The National Library, Singapore by UNSW - 2 - 11 Nov 2007
:: Mini exhibition at Singapore Art Cafe
13 - 30 Nov 2006
:: Group Exhibition at The Saloona Gallery,
Tel Aviv (Israel) - August 2005